The Awkwardness of Hair Salons.

You always think of going to a salon as a relaxing, luxurious experience. But that’s not always (hardly ever for me) the case…

I booked an appointment and went to get my hair cut. Just a simple cut and blow dry. I won’t say where as that’s unfair – they did an okay job.

I’m terrible at maintenance and hardly ever go, but I do love that ‘just left the hairdressers’ feel. I was looking forward to a head less heavy and hair less difficult. There’s just one thing I forget when I go, how bloody awkward it can be!

I never seem to get one of those hairdressers you just connect with. Maybe it’s just me, or does this just exist on tv? My experience today was particularly anxiety-inducing. I sound dramatic, I know. But I’m not a socially awkward person, I’m very easy going and get on with everybody easily. I’m not an easily stressed person either, but for some reason the awkwardness was making me cringe!

I walked in, and was not greeted by anybody. I was seen, but not acknowledged. People were probably just busy, so I stood a while. Then decided I might as well sit. I was offered a drink by someone who I assume is training. I told her I had an appointment to which the response was ‘really?’. No I just walked in off the street and thought I’d come for a cuppa.
After introducing myself, I was asked to wait. No problem. She then went away for a few minutes and came back with half a cup of tea. It made me laugh a little bit. Like she couldn’t be arsed waiting for the kettle to boil again so gave me the last of the water. I was then called for my appointment. Holding my bag in one arm, and coat in the other, the young girl (a different one now) came at me with a cape thing. I’m not sure how she expected to put it on me while my hands were full, I can just assume she was willing to wrap me up, bag and all! I asked if I could put my coat somewhere first to which she responded by showing where the hanger was. Cheers! I awkwardly juggled my bag and coat and hung the coat up. All the while she was holding the cloak ready to put it on me. I didn’t even get to bring my half cup of tea with me and couldn’t be bothered going back to get it and making her wait even longer with her arms outstretched ready to dress me. She put the cloak on me and sat me down to wait for the hairdresser. Great, weird start, but all is fine now.

Hairdresser comes over, asks me to take the cloak off – it’s on backwards. After my ‘consultation’ (never sure why it’s called this as it’s basically asking what I want with no advice or input), I go to get my hair washed. Water falls down my back a bit, and being the overly polite person that I am and not wanting to awkward the place up, I think ‘it”ll dry’. It’s not a big deal, but not comfortable. Whilst washing my hair, the girl stopped for a while, and just held my head. I thought something might be wrong – dry skin or something? It felt like she just lost herself and forgot what she was doing. I was worried, and weirded out. She said nothing and after a minute or so continued. Then I was passed back to the hairdresser. She was nice, but quiet. I never know where to put my hands so I sat with them together on my lap like a naughty child. That bit is definitely my fault! As she started to cut and pull my hair, she accidentally grabbed my necklace. I apologised (?!) and asked if she’d like me to take it off. She said no, and continued, and caught it once more. Then, just as the person next to me used the hairdryer, she finally spoke to me and I couldn’t hear a thing! I realise I could have struck up conversation, but it’s like when you talk to a taxi driver on a night out; if they don’t start it, you seem like you’re just annoying them. Conversation was on and off, but okay from there and the cut was fine. I didn’t get anything extravagant, but was happy with it. However, during the cut, she kept dropping things – never reassuring when someone is putting scissors to your head. Had they had a staff party or something the night before?! Whilst drying my hair, my necklace got badly caught and pulled, but wasn’t noticed. The hairdresser next to us pointed it out (he seemed great at it all actually). I stopped her to take the necklace off, even though she said it was fine again. It’s not fine, you’re going to break it or strangle me.

I left with trimmed hair, a wet back and realising why I never go to salons! I really wanted to find a regular place, but think I’ll shop around.

I wanted to get my eyebrows done too, but they were all so clumsy and out of it, I didn’t trust one person, except perhaps the guy who was busy, to come near my face. I’ll do it myself!

I hope one day I find a salon that makes me want to go back.

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