Learning To Be Less Honest.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth or Dare.”
Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

As a too-honest person, this is one question that I have always struggled with.
I am never nasty, and am actually pretty tactful. However, I have often given an unwanted answer or response to people. Not because I want them to feel rubbish, or because it makes me feel better, but because I want them to be able to be their best. If you tell someone they’re great at everything, they end up having an ego bigger than their talents, and I never thought that was healthy. (Unless a child has drawn you a picture, then it’s always amazing!)

This is something my closest friends like about me. That I will always be totally honest and forthcoming with them, about clothes, relationships, everything!

However, over the years my perspective has changed a little and I am more compassionate. I guess I’ve gone soft! I am still honest, but I consider how what I’m saying makes somebody feel, and I try to word my response tactfully.

For example:
‘Does this dress make me look fat?’
‘It’s not the best shape for your figure, I’d try something like this’

‘Do you think he actually likes me?’
‘I think if you have to question it, then he’s not doing a good enough job of showing you he does’


Lies are sometimes necessary – which I refused to believe for far too long.
At 28, I might have cracked it!

So are some handy tips from one honest person to another:


When your friend is feeling stupid. Maybe she was. So what. Nobody needs ‘I told you so’ in their hour of need. Instead reassure her that she has learned some valuable lessons.

To children. The amount of lies people tell their children! And I would do exactly the same! They are the best artist/singer/dancer/runner in the world. People need this kind of encouragement when younger. As they get older, they will realise that somebody beating them in a race means they are faster and they’ll learn to develop the skills they’re best at.

When you’re late for work. You definitely did hit traffic/your alarm battery died/etc. Not that I would ever do this! (Actually, that is true, I can lie about some things, but not to my bosses!)

When a relationship fails. ‘He was a rubbish boyfriend anyway.’ He was the best person ever, she will never replace him! Shh!

Your life is in danger. If you’re in real danger, you say whatever you need to say to get out of that situation!

I’m sure there are plenty more. When do you think it’s okay to lie?

I guess in conclusion, there is such a thing as too honest. And that thing is me!

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