Sewing and Shopping in Spring!

It’s a Bank Holiday weeeekeeeend!

I’m sitting on the balcony, candles lit, listening to Radio One’s Big Weekend (Florence and the Machine!), with magazines and blogs to read. It’s 8.45pm, still light, and not even cold. I’m in a dress with bare legs, and just a scarf over my shoulders. Summer is definitely on it’s way to Leeds. Bliss.

After a lazy morning of TV and breakfast, I finally got my sewing machine fully set up. I used one about 12 years ago in school and haven’t touched one since. I’ve been planning to get one for a while and they came into work just as I was about to make the leap. Perfect timing! So bought one from there. They’re only about £95 on eBay anyway though. Or you can get them on offer at Hobbycraft. I have a Singer Promise 1409. I’m in love with it! I made……a cushion! Does everyone make that first? I just wanted to test it out so doing some straight lines seemed the way to go. Still proud!

I decided just having some quarters of material as testers wasn’t enough so set out to town to find some fabric. I checked Hobbycraft the other day and couldn’t really find anything that appealed to me. That’s where I grabbed some quarters as I was too impatient to wait to find more.

I had a browse in Leeds Kirkgate market, and the people there were great with advice (I’m not sure which stalls as I looked at them all). There was so much to choose from, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted today. I could picture my ideal fabric, but couldn’t see anything similar.

[Florence is gone! Modest Mouse on YouTube instead. Beautiful music]

After buying some accessories and lining fabric, I decided to go to Samuel Taylor’s in the city centre. I’ve been there for bits and bobs before, but never bought anything substantial. It has everything you could need! It’s great for papercraft too. And the fabric was of great quality. One thing I was surprised by was the prices. I expected them to be more. I’m new to this, but I have bought fabric for other projects and it’s always seemed loads. I’ll definitely be going back to there and the market.

I’ve decided to just go for it and attempt to make a few things this weekend. If anyone has any tips or project ideas for a beginner, I’d really appreciate them.

I spent the rest of the day having some lunch, coffee and shopping with my very patient boyfriend!

By the way, if you live in Leeds: There is the ‘Pink Machine’ (aka man in pink box) in Leeds Trinity at the moment. You put a £1 in or get a token by spending £25 there and get a prize. I was curious so stuck a pound in and got a Quesadilla from Tortilla voucher. I love Trinity Kitchen, and almost free food sounded great! I have actually never tried there. My boyfriend got a burrito, both were nice! I’d probably eat there again, although I’m a huge fan of Barburrito so not sure.

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