Instagram Addict!

When I first got the app, I thought it was nice to have a place just for pictures, but I didn’t really get it. Why would I want random people looking at my photos. Why couldn’t I just upload them to Facebook for actual friends?

You know why? Because they don’t get it!
Instagram, as one friend recently pointed out, is about 5% of people’s lives (or some other made up, but probably true statistic). It’s that one pretty thing, or arrangement of books in an office you’ve been tirelessly working in all day. It’s the cool cake you had after a greasy spoon dinner. It’s the perfect sunset, that you’re allowed to post every day without seeming spammy. It’s the capturing of the pretty things you’ve purchased, without looking like you’re bragging. Or it’s your coffee from some chain store, because some people, like, totally relate when it comes to a coffee fix? I don’t know about that, and as yet don’t have a coffee picture. I do of course have tea! Duh!

Teapots, tea cups, cool mugs, tea for one teapots, you can bet I’ve got it on there! I might be obsessed.

My reasons for loving instagram finally – for those who still don’t get it – are:

  • Pretty photos. As mentioned before, only the prettiest pictures make it here.
  • Fashion binges. The greatest designers and new ones alike.
  • Seeing people appreciate the little things, like one nice flower in the wild, or a moment in the sun (legs or hotdogs, I blame you!)
  • Seeing people’s craft pieces. I’m addicted to those too, Pinterest, Google Images, Facebook, everywhhaaaarrr!
  • Connecting over silly things, like loving notebooks or tea!
  • Food – Oh my, the food. People only post their best efforts (I post Lucky Charms), so it’s great for inspiration.
  • Before and After pictures – because people are doing great things and I’m laying in bed browsing Instagram, eating chocolate, whilst on a Netflix binge.
  • Hauls! Food, beauty, books, anything. It’s cool that you’re not the only one to come out of Hobbycraft with a bag full of things you’ll never use.
  • Checking out new businesses. I love seeing them set up and take on the world.
  • Strangers all over the world connecting is pretty cool.
  • New places, places I’ve been to, never been to, want to go to. The world is so beautiful. Even in places that you wouldn’t think look that nice.
  • Really impressive art/dance/sport
  • Putting up one photo and feeling like a megastar when everyone likes it!

One thing I don’t have on mine, and don’t enjoy so much, are ‘selfies’. But that’s just personal preference because I like seeing the faces of people I know.  As I said, only the best photos will go on, remember this for when you hate yourself and your whole boring, ugly life after 10 minutes of scrolling!

I am happy for people to see that teeny percentage of my life, and pretend I’m ultra glam all the time. It’s basically my weekend life versus my weekday life!

Do you have it? Comment and let me follow you! We can show off our pretty things together! My username is: teaisfortina

Are you an addict? What do you mostly follow?


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