Before I turn 30…

Edit: All edits in ‘italics’. I’m surprised I actually managed to tick some off. How good am I?

Everybody seems to go nuts when they turn 30. They haven’t done enough, haven’t sorted out their lives, are not where they want to be career-wise, are unfit.
For females, the maternal instincts are kicking in, and for men, the beer has started catching up with the belly!

Shoulda woulda coulda never helped anyone! I don’t believe I will be one of these people. I think I have a sound awareness of what I am doing and where I am going. But I do think a little motivation massive kick up the arse helps get the ball rolling. So, inspired by another blog, I have decided to create a list of things I’d like to do before I hit 30.

I am currently 28 + 3 months. It sounds like plenty of time,  but I plan to have done a lot and some are so time consuming that I just avoid!

Now that I am posting this publicly, I might feel compelled to actually do it! Here’s the list (complete with check boxes):

[  ] Get fit.
I am unbelievably unfit now, and by the time I’m 30, I’d like to have undone a lot of the damage.

[  ] Buy a house.
This might just be do-able, quite determined.

[  ] Write a script.
I have a few draft ones from uni, and want at least one finished.

[  ] Go on a sunny holiday
I only ever go on cultural/city holidays, usually in their colder months too. I want to know the feeling of just relaxing on a beach in hot sun.

[  ] Go on holiday with my boyfriend.
We’ve been together 5 years and it’s just never happened. We always feel there are more important things to pay towards, but I’m not going to give him a choice!

[  ] Get boyfriend’s parents together with mine.
They’ve never met as live in completely different places, but I’d like to get them all in one place.

[  ] Pass my driving test.
I have been so lazy with this. It’s fluttered by as an idea since I was 17. This is the year!

[  ] Hold a spider.
This may seem silly, but I have arachnophobia in it’s most extreme form. It hinders my life.

[  ] Learn another language.
I can’t decide which one yet. I keep starting different ones. So make a decision and go with it.

[ x ] Go to a music festival again.
It’s been too long!
Yay, going to Leeds Fest! Cannot wait! Also, Hospitality gig – festival style – in October!)

[ x ] Take a day off and do nothing with it.
This is harder than it seems.
Kind of, I had a day off, but mostly spent it packing and sorting things out. Still, no plans were involved and I got to pyjama it up all day!

[  ] Read some actual books.
I do read, but it’s online articles, magazines, news, fact-based reading. I want to start reading actual novels.
I’ve started one ‘Me Before You’, so we’ll see…

[ x ] Make a decent item of clothing.
I have wanted to do this for a while. So I’m getting a sewing machine this month, and will be learning to design and sew.
I made a skirt, and it’s beautiful. I need to make a couple of alterations, but still, second thing ever sewn after a cushion cover!

Edit: I ruined it and cut too far! Noo! 

[ x ] Minimise my life.
I have so much stuff that moving is hell, and finding anything is difficult. I want to start downsizing a bit. Just until I have a place that’s actually mine and feel I can dump everything there!
I actually did this. This was probably one of the most difficult things, but I have so much less now. Old or hardly worn clothes – gone! Things that have been waiting forever to be fixed – gone! Magazines and craft items I don’t need – gone! Lots more too!

Edit: this needs doing again and again! 

[ x ] Learn to say no.
Ever the people pleaser, I continually put myself out for others, and need to start doing what I actually want. I’ve been attempting this lately and failing!
I went all out, decided not to be pushed around, and pissed off some friends! Go me? All is fine – I just wasn’t my usual subtle self.

[  ] Learn to swim.
I have never learned properly. I can just about do it, but not well.
Pfft! Do I have to?

[  ] Go to the theatre.
Have done this when younger, but never a big stage show and now that I’m in Leeds, there’s no excuse really.

[  ] Do something completely out of my comfort zone

I’ll be updating this, but that’s what I can think of at the moment. It’s not the most extreme of lists, but I’m sure I’ll add some more difficult things soon.

And now, just for fun, for the worst, most tragic list I have ever seen:
Screw that! Never stop anything they tell you to! You’re almost 30 and you’ll do what you damn well please!