How to keep going when you hate job searching

If there’s one thing career coaches, schools and parents need to teach people, its how to keep up the job search when you hate it!

Scouring through countless websites and clicking ‘apply’ only to be met with a giant form to fill in is a nightmare! I don’t think there’s anyone who could say they enjoyed searching for a job.

The worst thing is, you’ve already spent 2 weeks perfecting your CV to hand out, but they don’t want it! They want you to fill out an online form, with the exact information that was on the CV. Is this really necessary? I think it actually takes away some personality in the application process. Not to mention, the applicant’s ability to create and format their own CV.
However, how else would they get your data and stats? You’re hardly likely to put your age, race and religious background on your CV – or is that a requirement now?

There are so many people looking for work, only to be let down every step of the way by either technology or lack of decent communication and instructions on job sites –  not to mention the job ads that give you nothing but an inbox of spam from a recruitment company!

What do you need to get a job?

Want a job? You must have a degree, plus experience, also you must have been in the industry for 3 years, but must be young enough to take on such a role. Click To Tweet

It’s ridiculous! The requirements for even beginner roles are of such a high standard, and then they have the cheek to offer you the lowest salary available.

There are already many people who feel they would be better off on benefits, and sometimes, they’re not wrong.

Hey employers! Pay more, and recruit the people worthy of the role and who seem willing to work hard for you. Build them up, don’t kick them back down. You’d be surprised how enthusiastic a new person to the industry/workplace can be. Give them a chance! I was lucky enough to be given a chance, with no experience and within 2.5 years, I’ve done great things for the company!

Competition may well be fierce, but what’s worse is not having the chance to stand in the first place.

I remember when going into shops with my freshly printed CV and just handing it out was job searching. Oh how times have changed!

What can be done to make a job search less painful?

Well, the employers, and government, would be the ones who would need to do this, but for now, I’ll offer a few tips from my own experience to help keep the job seekers out there sane.


This is the most important piece of advice. Easier said than done I know. It’s too easy to let letters of rejection or even worse, no contact at all, get you down. If you are bothered about not hearing back from a job, why not send them an email asking if there are any updates and if you would be able to have some feedback from your application. You may well get told to go away, but it’s worth a try.

One day, you will laugh at the amount of rejection letters you had. I definitely applied for at least 100 jobs within a few months. I heard back from about 15, was interviewed for about 5, and offered 3. A bit annoying, but now I think screw them, they missed out!

Take time away from the computer.

It’s easy to sit there for hours scrolling and reading about jobs, but not actually applying for one properly. If you find yourself not really getting anywhere, that’s okay. Take a step away from the computer, go for a walk, or do something else that needs doing. Come back to it with a fresh mind and go for it!

Don’t feel hard done by.

Unfortunately, everyone is in the same boat as you. They’re all trying their best to get a job, yet still having to search.

Get help.

Ask somebody to read over your CV, or for people to keep an eye out for work.

Edit in Word.

Keep and edit your paragraphs for the application forms in Microsoft Word or a similar program first. Then, when you’re happy, copy and paste it over. This means you can keep saving each time you make a change, and do a spelling and grammar check before submitting.

Google is your best friend.

Google what the jobs entail, google the average salary for the job, Google ‘how to write a personal statement/cover letter for….’ Google Google Google! The list is endless, and Google is brilliant. Use it to it’s full potential!

Good luck!

Have you had a recent job search? Do you have any further tips to add?