My 16 Year Old Sister.

My sister was having a little look at my blog. She is quiet and private, so to annoy her I told her I would be writing a post about her. I always follow through…

I still see this girl as my little sister. She is pretty little, as I was, shorter and slimmer than most people her age. She’s got a kind heart. She is thoughtful, the things she does for people and gifts she gives are always personal and chosen specifically. She’s pretty, and intelligent and humble. She also has great style, and even though she moans at me for using her mirror at home and asking her opinions over and over, it’s only because I actually trust her. She saves, and is willing to work for things. She’s bright and sometimes I’m amazed by some of the things she thinks and how deep her thinking can be.

I forget she is old enough to be this person. I left being home full time when she was only 9. It was the worst. We were so close for sisters aged 9 and 20. She actually used to adore me back then! We’d watch TV together and style each others hair. She was good even at 9! I hated leaving her, but the whole time I was in uni, she was like my cheerleader. She wanted to go there when she grew up and follow in my footsteps.
There were many times when I felt like I could leave uni, but if I had a sister who was willing to follow in my footsteps, they had to be good ones.

I’ve been away a while now so we don’t get to talk in the same way we did. But I do miss my sister. I miss hanging out and chatting about life. I miss her actually looking up to me!
I hope my life at least opens her eyes to opportunities, as in a small town, it can be hard to see anything past it. But I know she’ll do amazing things. And I’m so proud of her and what she has achieved so far.

She’d never listen to me say all this in person, so Miss Blog Peeker, this is for you!  I love you, you’re great! And I miss you loads! Even though you’re actually a right grump! :p xxx

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