Leaving the family home for good.

I’ve been out of action here for a while! In November, my boyfriend came to stay at my shared flat, and after some discussion, we decided to move in together. So followed a month of endlessly searching properties, viewings, sorting out my finances, whilst also sorting out Christmas (large family, and long journey to see them!).

Over Christmas, whilst at my parent’s, I decided to clear out all of my things and finally let go of ‘my bedroom’. Boyfriend’s first Christmas with me, such fun for him! It was a big job. A hoarder, who has barely lived there for the past 7 years, there was a lot to do. However, I managed to get it all done and now I have officially moved out.

It’s weird, because even though I had left years ago for uni, and then moved full time to Leeds, it still felt like my real home. I felt like I was just staying in Leeds a while. What’s also weird is how much things change while you’re away. You expect people to be the same as they were years ago, and they’re really not. They’ve got into a routine and have an every day life that doesn’t involve you. I felt like a bit of a stranger, and felt really sad about it.

Even though I will always love Pembrokeshire, and will hopefully have a home there at some point, I was okay with leaving the tiny town, with nothing in it, and coming back to the city that I’m learning to like. It made me remember why moving away and doing new things is a great choice. I have a completely different view, and am more open to things that others from a small town might find daunting. This is why I think people should go to Uni, or should move from their home towns – it opens up a new world. You somehow feel braver even though it’s really not that big a move. From a town like mine, where everyone grows up together and stays and raises their family there, it really feels like it though.

Even so…every time we leave, I feel sad that I won’t be with my family. However frustrating they may seem sometimes; To me, wherever I may be, home is where they are.

After a disastrous time with the estate agents – everybody warned me about them, but hey, they’re just doing their job, right? – we got back to our flat, unpacked, sorted bills. It’s kind of weird. But amazing! I have never had my own place, or own space really. I have always had a bedroom in a shared house or flat. Since leaving home, I have had hardly even a weekend to myself completely. It feels weird to be able to just chill out. As much as I did have some time after work or on a weekend to do so, I was always surrounded by people. Someone was always home at the same time, or using the washing machine when I needed to, or was in the shower when I wanted the bathroom. Now there is nothing going on! Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is there, but it doesn’t feel like I don’t get to be alone, as he’s never made a difference to that. We relax together and naturally talk about everything, so it just feels nice having him there, and if I need to get things done, I can without seeming rude.
I live ten minutes from work now, exactly a ten minute walk! It’s incredible. I used to have to travel for work and it took another couple of hours out of my day, but now, I feel like I have so much more free time.

Living with my boyfriend is amazing. He really is so easy to live with. He’s not working at the moment, so has been sorting the flat out, makes me lunch every day. He feels just like family, so it definitely made the transition easier. He is making the place feel like a home to me, and who knows, I might actually start to like this city thing!

As for my stuff, well…there’s still a fair bit boxed up at home – they can’t get rid of me that easily!

Goodbye Pembs!