I made it to 28! Am I successful and married and pregnant now?

No! I have been 28 for almost 2 weeks now. Hooray! Not dying at 27 made me realise that I am probably not meant to be a rock star (or a junkie) and managed to not join the tragic 27 club.

I always thought when I was young that I’d have my stuff together by this age. I do not. I am still working along like a little worker bee for somebody else, unable to buy a house – not even a teensy one, no basic life rituals or ceremonials on the way, a wardrobe full of things I never wear, writing silly journals and watching teen shows, with loads of wine and chocolate cake.

I, ladies and gentleman, am a grown up!

Some people my age seem to have their plans, are on their way to marital bliss (if that’s what they want to call it), are thinking about children and their home decor. I, however, am thinking up ways to make a quick buck while keeping my full time job, what I want for dinner tonight and if I can even be bothered to cook it, and how I’m gonna sit around all morning tomorrow and watch rubbish TV with Lucky Charms.

Some people I know would find this tragic. I’ve gotta tell you, life is brilliant! People often refer to me as still young or say I haven’t gotten past my student days. They don’t seem to realise that me growing up is me being just like this. Who says you can’t eat sugary fun cereal past a certain age. Who says I can’t watch cartoons (I’m sure most aren’t made for children anyway!). And who the hell made the rule that getting married means you’re a serious adult. Over Christmas, marriage and children must have been mentioned about 20 times, at least. My sister is pregnant again, and 18 months younger than me, so I suppose it was a natural development of the conversations had. When I say I’m not interested in any of it yet, it’s always why not, you’ve (boyfriend and I) been together a while now. Gimme £20,000, I’ll show you the best wedding ever! Give me £100,000, I’ll show you a baby! But until I have that much just hanging around, it ain’t gonna happen!

I want a house, or more than one! I want a business and to work from home. I want to do cool things before I’m too old and bogged down by life. I have the unfortunate disability of being blonde, therefore cannot be taken seriously. But surely my plan is more sensible?

Of course it gets worrying, thinking you haven’t made the right choices and you might be stuck like this forever, working every day and living in mouldy flats (more on that later!), but I have some faith in me, and I know there’s more out there! Until then, you can find me watching re-runs of 90s shows in my pyjamas.

And here’s a picture of my awesome birthday present from my boyfriend 😀 Coffee machine and Lucky Charms – clearly wasn’t getting up as early as me!

Birthday breakfast!

Birthday breakfast!

EDIT: Just have to point out that getting Lucky Charms in the UK is a big deal!

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