27 things about being 27

Being 27 has been like a rude and interesting awakening for me. This is the age where so many people notice a turning point in their lives and I didn’t understand why, until I became it.

I have been 27 for  8 months now. Luckily for me, I was in Budapest on holiday when it happened. I was walking around in the blistering cold in late January getting lost in the city. It snowed, but we finally ended up at some lovely hot spring baths in the dark.  I was there with my wonderful cousin, she’d given me some gorgeous jewellery and a cute card, and we drank lots of cheap wine that actually tasted amazing. I smiled, a lot. Was loved by my amazing boyfriend. My family contacted me and friends on Facebook (sad as that may sound, I appreciated it.) While there, I took a moment to reflect and thought, life is amazing! HAHAHAHA!

Being 27

It still shocks me that I can talk about 10 years ago and was not a child back then. If you had told me when I was 17 that 27 would be the game changer, I’d have laughed at you. I was totally going to own a house, have loads of money, amazing clothes, lots of holidays and still have my brilliant friends around at that point. I’d have the best hair I have ever had, would still be teeny tiny, finally able to actually make myself look decent each day and be on time for things!
Firstly, none of the list above has remained true.

Being 27 has hit me. Hard. In the face.

What’s weird is that even when doing a bit of research for this and seeing if these articles already exist, they do. So many people talking about being 27. It’s just not something you look up unless you are it. If you haven’t yet turned 27, you’re probably thinking it’s no different to any other age in the late 20’s. I put this out there as a warning to you all, and a reminder to those who have lived through it: Being 27 is a nightmare! I finally understand the 27 Club, they all got fed up!

27 things about being 27

1. Where am I? What am I doing? Why haven’t I achieved everything ever yet? I’ve done nothing with my life! That pretty much sums up most of the year.

2. You get invited to more weddings than you have done in your life. Or at least know of people from school getting married this year.  Two of my closest friends have either just had a wedding or are planning to. My Facebook news feed is chock full of wedding photos from people I went to school with. (All aged 27).

3. If you have a partner, people will ask you more than ever when you are planning to a) get married b) have children. Am I not young anymore? Is my own life over, is it time to bring others into it?

4. Your own biological clock will actually tick. While I am not up for children and marriage, etc. yet, I have found myself wondering if I’d be ready for that in time (Ladies, you will understand this no matter how much you think you won’t). 

5. Friends are more worried about not being in long term relationships than when you are next getting drunk. Friends panic about turning 30, making them panic at 27, making you worry you are missing something!

‘I’m getting old now!’

6. You say things like ‘I’m getting old now’. Truth is, you bloody well are not getting old. You are just no longer a twat who likes to wreck your body with alcohol and staying out late as you likely have a boring job to get to tomorrow.

7. You reminisce about the good old days. As if they are no more. Here’s something inspiring though: you probably have many more good old days ahead. When you are 50, these will be the good old days. That’s what I’m telling myself!

8. You’ll wonder if you should start using anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products. Is it good to start straight away? I still don’t know!

9. Your job will not just be a way of making money for the things you want now, but a way of getting you towards your ideal future. That scary word: future. I don’t know what it holds, but I must try to prepare!

10. Your friends will drift. Maybe not all of them, but many that you thought never would. You’ll speak less, you’ll be more fed up of the way they are with you. which brings me to my next point…

11. You know who you like and stop being bothered with the rest. This is the age where I found myself increasingly frustrated with people’s attitudes and views, and the way they composed themselves. 

12. You’ll actually choose to have a night in. This realisation is painful. You may even force on some heels or put on your new shirt (men can be 27 too!) and make yourself go out the first few times, but trust me, it gets easier.

13. You suddenly realise that you need to start looking after yourself. Body, mind, fitness – what have you done to yourself?!  It’s okay though, it was fun, right?

It’s not all bad…

14. You become more confident in yourself. Who gives a shit anyway? This is who you are, embrace it.

15. You start to understand older people more. Your parents, grandparents, people going through their mid-life crisis. You understand why they have acted the way they have sometimes. 

16. You will at least know what you don’t want in life. That’s close enough for me!

17. You get offended that you are no longer asked for I.D. Seriously, I can’t look 18. Oh…you have to look 25 now…I need some face cream!

18. You care about your credit. Now it actually affects your life. This sucks. You should go look now! Search ‘credit check’ on google and join one!

19. You’ll care about the future of this world more than ever before. It’s time to become politically aware, learn more about your beliefs and what you stand for.


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21. You’ll talk about the music back in your day and realise that nothing good has come out since. Pop punk, awesome dance tunes, gimme!

22. You will still be shocked when people announce they’re pregnant. But then you realise that it is a perfectly acceptable and responsible age to have a child.

You call people?

23. You’ll start calling people instead of messaging because it’s easier. Was it really that scary before? Yes!

24. You will stop yourself from saying something that might be considered offensive on social media. Trust me! You’ll realise it’s not worth the hassle when you know you’re right anyway!

25. You’ll gain some self respect. Less being bothered about people who don’t deserve your time.


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I didn’t actually aim for 27, but got so close I thought I’d just say this…

27. You will finally understand what is great about you! Other people saw it years ago, but after this tough year of life decisions and figuring out your future, you’ll realise you were on the right path all along.

So there you have it, 27 things about being 27!

Go forth and enjoy this crazy age!

Have you reached 27 yet? If you’ve already been there, do you remember these thoughts or still have them?