One Line A Day – A Five Year Memory Book

I have not yet bought my ultimate journal yet – that’s this weekend – but I did buy a 5 year diary. One line per page. When you have finished the year, you then start on the next line down on each page. It will be nice to see what I was doing a year ago on that day, remember the people I was with, what was going on in my life.

It’s especially good for people who have trouble keeping diaries, as it takes hardly any time to write a line or two about the day.
I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to sum up my day in a few lines, but so far I like it!

I bought mine from Amazon for about £10.


I’m really happy with it, and would like to buy one for all of my friends, so they too can track the last few years. During adulthood, so much changes and the years seem to pass so quickly. A lot is changing so it’s a great gift for somebody starting out in adult life, or beginning university so that they can see how much things have changed. Or for a parent who finally has time to themselves to document their lives or their children’s lives. Have I persuaded you yet? It’s all about memories and it’s easy! I read that someone has used it to track her blog and see what inspired her on that day  – great idea, but I’d have to own loads of these books if I wanted it for more things. This is about my personal progress, what I liked, what I was doing, who I was with, and where I am compared to last year and the years before.

A great gift for any age, as it’s always nice to look back on memories, feelings and to see how you’ve progressed. I am going to get one for a very creative friend who, like me, has trouble keeping up with herself!

To use it, you just write along the top lines, then the next year, move down. You will be able to see all of your entries from past years.
It has a golden ribbon page marker, and a gold edge on the paper, and is small enough to carry anywhere. I have kept mine by my bed, so each night I can write about my day before bed.

Anybody I know who reads this now knows what they’re getting this Christmas!

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