More bedroom storage tips – bags, sunglasses, jewellery

It’s always been a joke about me and now my new flatmates also joke that if ‘she hasn’t got it, it doesn’t exist’, and they are not far wrong. I am possibly (okay, definitely) a hoarder. Not like the extreme ones you see on TV, I do have some control. But I like to make use of the oddest things, I collect jewellery and clothes and accessories, which considering I am mostly stuck in an office, is pretty pointless.

I have books and far too many old magazines! Another quirky habit I get picked on for – actually, I’m not sure they like these things about me…
My food cupboard is always full and when it’s not, I feel I have failed myself when I have a particular craving.
I have tools…for all that DIY I do (?!)
I have a disgusting amount of shoes, and wear pumps (sorry!) almost every day!
I will never regret a bag purchase, but do I really need over 30 bags and clutches? Does anybody even notice them?!
I have about 30 belts, I wear 3 of them often. I threw some out and thought I was housekeeper of the year.
Scarves, I can’t count them. But I know when I’ve lost one so they’re clearly important.
I have many an empty notebook, because they’re too nice to use for rubbish things.

I could go on, but you get the gist. I have SO MUCH STUFF!

Oh yeah, did I mention I have one whole room to myself in my shared flat to keep all these things?

Okay, so after deciding to stay in Leeds and in work just before Christmas, I decided I need to let myself settle in a bit, and not treat places I live like I could leave at any time. I needed to make it a  little homely. This meant not leaving things packed in boxes, or in those vacuum storage bags. Actually getting it all out and making the room a bit nice to live in.

My main problem is storage. I could do with an extra room to put things in, but figured I’d have to get creative!

I already created a space for my jewellery, which was a giant job, so that’s one bit done! ?I also invested in a jewellery box to keep the nicer, more expensive pieces.

I had an idea to use a wire heart-shaped hook piece for sunglasses, it used to have some jewellery on. I didn’t realise quite how many sunglasses I had! I bought the heart for £3 from B and M Stores, but you can find similar loads of places. The glasses were tidier, but I took this picture after trying some!

photo 2

There are also holders available on eBay, like this one:

photo 1 (1)

Another idea I used before was hanging a string between two hooks and placing the glasses on that. It really depends on how much room you have, but as I only have one smallish room, I wanted to keep mine on the wall, out of harm’s way and in a place where I can grab them.

I placed all my clutches in a plastic drawer set, they take up hardly any room now and are easy to grab. The drawer is see-through, so I can see straight away which one I’d like without pulling all of the others out.
Handbags…they’re big. They take up so much room. In fact, I’m struggling to think what I did with them before. I think I piled them up in my cupboard, or stuffed them inside each other. this is not good enough!
But…look what I found!

Handbag Storage

I’m actually gutted, as this is cheaper than mine, and for 2! Only £9.95 on this website and it’s amazing! One of my best buys! It works really well, there’s plenty of space, and it’s adjustable for different sized bags. You could also use it for hat storage or for other accessories.
It is just elastic with hooks on either end, so really easy to use and very strong. I have definitely tested it to it’s full capacity! I have a built in cupboard/wardrobe, and have put this on the back of the door, so it’s hidden away. I’m going to buy another for the last of the bags. And then I’m banned from owning any more!

I’ve been keeping scarves in a drawer, and have now (oh so sensibly!) vacuumed them away for the Summer. I tried various ways of storing them, such as using coat hangers etc, but they took up space and it was just as difficult to get to them.  So I’ll work on that when Winter’s back!

Another thing I find hard to store is hair accessories. I have now bought a set of 3 pretty tins, in 3 different sizes. They sit on top of each other, one with hair bands, one with large accessories and one with small clips.  They don’t take up much room and look like decoration. I’m very much for useful decorations!

Any ideas for accessory storage? I could always do with more. What do you think of my ideas? I do have many more, but think I would need some more space really. Ideally a big walk in wardrobe with everything on display 😀 One day!

Tina <3

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