I’ve decided to start a journal! But how? And why?

I have always thought about keeping a journal. When I was a child, I used to start writing diaries every year. And even started a journal called ‘Tina’s Secret Writing’ – inconspicuous, I know!
But somehow, I never got further than a few pages, and it was usually what I did that day, a summary really.
I always saw them as a way of keeping track of what I’d done, so in a few years I’d see I had a really awesome time. I also always wrote them as if they were for an audience, either future me, or someone who found them.
As I’ve got older, I’ve realised they can be so much more:

  • It can help you gather your thoughts when you’re struggling to put them together.
  • I use a pros and cons list for every decision – it would be great to revisit my reasons when I feel I’ve made the wrong choice!
  • Self awareness – this will surely create a place where I can measure it.
  • To keep a record of goals, achievements, lists – oh so many lists!
  • It can be a place to write down frustration rather than bitch about things. Who knows, I may seem like a nicer person!
  • I could use it for ideas that I don’t have time to carry out yet, but want to do in the future.

I do think it seems a bit cheesy, I think all of this, writing blogs, etc. can be, but at the same time, I’m all for personal development, so might as well give it a go!

Whenever I have been frustrated, I have written it down. Writing the good stuff never occurred to me, as I was busy being happy. Looking back on any writing I did before just ends up being upsetting. However, at the same time, I realise that I have overcome whatever was going on at the time, so that’s pretty nice.

You can of course type a journal – another method that I tried for about 4 days! I think I’d prefer to see it written down, make mistakes, and look at it as it was. I’m an editing cheat when typing it! Also, I’d like to decorate it. I’m creative, can’t draw, but I might give it a go. Then old Tina can look back and laugh at how much she sucked!

There are loads of ways to start your journal. I always write as if it is to an audience, but this time, I’d like to write my thoughts as I have them.

It can be difficult to get started – my friend bought me a journal in Uni, after I’d talked about starting one again!  That was…Oh my god that was 6 and a half years ago!

Okay…I’m breathing again!

Some ideas to get started, some found and altered from a quick search, and some from my very own inspired little head:

  • Goals –  short term and long term
  • How you’re feeling today
  • Why you’ve started a journal
  • A quote that you love and why
  • What or who inspires you
  • Lists! Favourite things, favourite people, things you hate
  • Achievements
  • Best part of today
  • Worst part of today?

Once we start, I’m sure we’ll keep going! Let’s do it together 🙂
Also, they’ll get better with time (surely?). I know how easy it is to give up so will be making a conscious effort to keep going until I see some results.

I’m just wondering though, is journalling that different to blogging?
I suppose it’s more secret, but I have very few deep, dark, secret thoughts…

This is definitely more of a ramble than anything. I think rather than helping, I am possibly looking for help!

I’d love to hear your ideas and reasons for keeping a journal!

Tina <3

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