Websites that will save you money

We all know ways that we could save some money, but what if you could boost your finances with no extra effort? When people talk about making money online, you often find a list of online survey sites, where you get a few pence for 20 minutes work. If you’re okay with that, great, but some don’t have time to spend. However, there are some websites that will save you money. Sometimes it seems complicated when looking at cashback sites or money-saving websites, but I can tell you its not, and I am one lazy lady!

Here are the websites that will save you money

websites that will help you save money

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This is a Facebook page that shares price glitches, great offers and tips. Perfect if something you need comes up, however, make sure you only buy the things you already wanted. It’s so easy to get caught up in bargain shopping!

Hot UK Deals 

Similar to above, this is a website you can sign up to for a daily rundown of great offers, plus you can easily search for offers, for example for an item you’re looking to buy.

Groupon, Wowcher and other such sites.

These deal sites have great savings, but be careful and compare the prices online, because some do have mark ups or aren’t great offers.

Cashback sites

With Cashback websites, you can make money back on things you buy anyway. You get a percentage or amount back for each spend via the website. If looking for a new phone deal, for example, you could make up to £100 back. All you have to do is go to the website you’re buying from through the cash back site instead. I do this for all types of shopping, including clothes, every day shopping, phone deals and more.

Top Cashback and Quidco are the ones I use and are free to join. With Quidco you can link your usual bank card and make savings without even realising by getting a percentage of your spend back at linked retailers.

Make it a habit each time you shop to check these websites.

Food Shopping

If you do grocery shopping online, join now!It compares as you shop and takes you directly to the supermarket that is cheapest for those items. The hard work done for you. You may only save a few quid, but you might save loads! And if like me, you food shop often, this will definitely save for you over time.

Voucher sites

Each time you shop, as well as checking cashback sites, do a quick online search for vouchers. You’ll be surprised how many are out there and I’ve had some great bargains for things I was already buying. Even with things like a takeaway you’re ordering, you can save a few quid each time!

Sign up to newsletters

Since the GDPR guidelines, people have been annoyed hearing about newsletters, let alone seeing them! However, you do get a lot of exclusive discounts via newsletters, so they’re worth joining if you’ll be a regular shopper.

Another little trick is to sign up, fill your basket, then leave. To make the sale, retailers will often email a discount code to get you back so if you can wait a day or so, you can get money off things you were going to buy either way!

Is it really worth it?

I forget to use the sites, or think its an extra effort, but it’s actually really easy once signed up – which takes a few minutes – and I’m always impressed after using them. Just being a little savvy with your online shopping can save you loads! Listed above are websites that will save you money, but there are plenty more out there!

Do you use any websites that help you save money?