Start saving now!

Some people find it difficult to take advice on saving and finances. Some find online sites and comparing things complicated. I’m here to tell you it’s really easy – and I am one lazy girl!

How to start saving straight away without having spare cash…

Okay, firstly, join these now. You will thank me.

  • Join on Facebook – 10 ways to have more money as a student, without working.
  • Sign up to Groupon, Wowcher and other such sites, great savings to be had!
  • Sign up to Top Cashback and Quidco – can be used for loads of purchases, and free to join. they basically give you a percentage of the money back that you spent.
  • Bookmark or join Hot UK Deals for posts from others about bargains in the local shops or online.
  • If you do grocery shopping online, join this now! It compares as you shop and takes you directly to the supermarket that is cheapest for those items. The hard work done for you. You may only save a few quid, but you might save loads! And if like me, you food shop a lot, this will definitely save for you over time.

Once you have done these things, shop as usual, but before you go to a specific website, check Top Cashback for it and go through their page via the link given. They may have big savings on the shop you need to go to.

This all seems like effort. I appreciate that, but it’s actually really easy once signed up (which takes like a minute assuming you know your name and email address!)

10 ways need a proper shout out, as they post all the offers! They really do save you money. However, as they say, do not buy unless you wanted it in the first place. Otherwise, you end up spending more!

Just being a little savvy and sneaky with your shopping can save you loads! On the sites shown above, they send you voucher codes constantly for online shopping, so none of the embarrassing walking into a shop and trying it – just try online.

In my last post in this category, I mentioned a few things I had bought cheaply in January. Since then I have had many a bargain, and actually managed to save some money.

The next thing to do is create a budget sheet if you are the type to be strict about your money. You can find loads of these just by Googling.

Natwest have a great feature online. You can set up e-savings accounts. I have set up 4 – and designated one to each cause, so one for Bills, one for holiday or going away funds, etc. I’m not brilliant at it yet, but at the beginning of each month, if you move money into each savings account you have set up, whatever is left in your main account is then left for spending. It helps me know where I am with money, and not  forget I have bills coming out later on in the month.

I hope this has helped a bit. Will keep posting tips, as I want everyone to live a little easier!

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