2014 so far…

I thought I’d give an update on my actual life.
I’m 27 now, all grown up. Pfft.

1st January
To begin the year, I had one of the best New Year’s eves ever. My sister had a get together at hers for the family, and we all went and played games, drank and had fun. It was a really great night and the first time we have all been together in a long time. There were a few cousins missing, and it would have been good to see them, but the night was actually perfect. I finished it off by going out with one cousin and staying out all night. I felt like I got to know my family much better just from one night with them all relaxing and enjoying themselves.

4th January
Having not quit my job after handing in my notice (!), I did have to leave and go back to Leeds. Sad to leave, but happy I hadn’t put myself in a terrible position, I took my lovely long bus journey back up! 10 hours. 10 hours from somewhere in the UK to somewhere in the UK!

The flat is much nicer than it used to be, with everyone getting on, and people feeling like friends rather than people I just see whilst passing in the kitchen to continue our separate lives. It’s good.

28th January
Budapest was amazing! A gorgeous place, with such an interesting history. Amazingly cheap, especially for food and wine! My kind of place! For my Birthday, while I was over there, we went to the Greek baths and it was such a nice treat. However, it was absolutely freezing there in January. To the point that our legs were numb if we stood still, and already in pain from walking so much. I think we saw everything possible in that week.

February was mostly about work, strategising and discussing options.  I’ve really managed to get on top of things, but it’s not a good month for retail, so we’ll see how that goes.
My flatmate and I went on a day trip to Ilkley, and I went to Betty’s Tea Rooms for the first time.

The tea was great, as were my scones (scooones or scons? I STILL don’t know which way to say it!), but I did feel a little silly. It was like a grown up playing tea party, but I liked the novelty of an expensive afternoon tea in a famous tea room. Yes that’s right, still only 27. When in Yorkshire…

We also had Pizza Express, to keep us young!
We all went out on Valentine’s Day, and I was worried it would be a hellish night full of desperate singles and leery guys, but it was actually a really nice night with my flatmates. We went to a few places on Call Lane, Leeds.

I am currently sitting here wondering where the time has gone. Seriously, it’s St. Patrick’s Day – Happy St. Pat’s Day by the way! – and quarter of the year is nearly over.
I do feel in a better position than in December, which is nice. My relationship is great, I’m on form in work with big ideas, I have actually managed to save some money (but it’s not the end of the month yet so we’ll see).

All in all, a good start.

Things to do this year:
Get out of overdraft – have lived in it since uni, time to grow up
Plan a relaxing holiday – have never had a sunny holiday or holiday with boyfriend
Stop shopping so much – surely an easy one?
Get fit – urgh! I think the time has come where I may have to get moving

They don’t seem that hard. Unless you’re Queen Justification…

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