Finally! Jewellery Storage!

I have been looking for a way to store my Jewellery all year. I’ve bought some nice items to hang it on, I’ve used a mug holder (good for bracelets), I’ve rolled it up in cloth (pillowcases, actually!) I just have TOO MUCH! It’s not good jewellery, I can fit that in a jewellery box that I had  as a gift. It’s the costume, junky stuff I was having trouble with. I have looked at every option avaiable, and checked out ideas online – nothing worked for me really.

Until…in work, I noticed there was a used CD cabinet that had been sitting around for a while.

2014-01-08 19.09.54                    2014-01-08 19.10.02

I asked whose it was and whether it was needed, was told I could take it.
I originally thought I would pull off the stuck-on CD holder sides and use small hooks inside to hang necklaces on. However, that wouldn’t allow for much room and it would be awkward fitting other types of jewellery on.  Also, I knew I would be changing the colour as there is nothing black in my room, it’s all very white/cream/ivory.

When I actually started to test it out, I decided the CD holder sides would be good to place small shelves into for freestanding items, such as nail polish. I used a wooden pole I found, cut it roughly into the right size pieces and placed these between the holders also, so it was a good way to keep them in place.

2014-01-09 22.21.02
Nail polish on cardboard shelves(will be wooden one day maybe, if I can be bothered),
hair accessories in boxes (these will be painted or covered soon)

2014-01-09 22.21.43                 2014-01-09 22.21.54
Bracelets, rings, and necklaces on poles.

2014-01-09 22.21.13
Chunky bracelets and hair bobbles on ‘ahem’ toilet roll tube
(covered in magazine page and then PVA glue over it to harden)

I then bought some sample pots of paint, so have covered it roughly for now, but will see what I want to do soon, obviously this is a bit of a rough job, but I’m okay with that. For now, I quite like it. It’s a little more shabby than chic, but I’m glad I have somewhere to display everything, and can easily get to it, no more tangled up necklaces or rooting around. Oh, also, in case you didn’t notice, it spins!

2014-01-14 22.39.53 2014-01-14 22.39.40 2014-01-14 22.39.30

And that’s it! The bottles on top – one will have a flower in, the other I have been placing bracelets on top of when I’m being lazy, as well as onto the actual jewellery holder. They’re tidy-ish until I put them back away properly.

Any other ideas on jewellery storage? I’ve looked at a lot, but I’d be interested to know some simple, yet effective ways and see what anyone else has tried.
Earrings are still a minor problem – one thing I’ve done is use a canvas picture to stick them into, but I don’t really want any more showing in my room – it’s already cluttered.

I posted this here as have read and scoured countless blogs for ideas, so thought I would share mine.

Thanks for reading and looking!

T x

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