Welcome to my blog! It’s going to be well interesting.

Hello! I’m Tina.

Thanks for checking out my blog. It will mainly consist of me being excited about shopping, ranting about current news, and sharing ideas and beautiful things!

Things I like: tea, writing, learning, fashion, people, world affairs, media-related study and work, ranting, travelling, wine, good food, crafts, decorating and, well, pretty much everything.

I’m always looking for new blogs to follow so pop a link to yours in the comments if you like.

Love Tina x

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  • EllenL

    Thanks for the follow. I love finding a new blog that uses the same layout as mine…it’s comforting in a weird way 🙂 I also used to live in Wales! Yay! Great writing. Great tea.
    Ellen x

    • Hey, you too! Thanks. I completely forgot to mention the layout thing haha. It is nice, like we have similar style or something! Thank you thank you! Do you miss Wales as much as I do? x

      • EllenL

        I do miss Wales. A lot. I’m not even actually Welsh, just married to one. I have a welsh cake and corned beef pasty every now and then to get my fix! 🙂

        • Close enough! Haha, finding welsh cakes in Tesco here made me stupidly happy!