Sleep series: My crazy sleep stories

Last night, #latenightbloggers had a Twitter chat about sleep – and lack of it!

While we were all telling stories about funny or weird sleep habits, I realised that I have had my fair share of odd occurrences surrounding sleep.

I thought some of you might relate and I’d love to discuss the funny and the freaky of sleep! I’ll list mine here, so tell me if you’ve had any and we can laugh or be horrified together!

Disclosure: I am a crazy person. Also, this is quite a personal, embarrassing post! Feel free to laugh at me or hug me to sleep!


Things I have suffered with:

I definitely saw a dancing egg on my bedside table, and I kind of knew it wasn’t real, but still kept watching to make sure! Sleep deprivation will do this to you. Go to bed!

Hypnic Jerk
I think loads of people get this…right? Almost every night, just as I’m falling asleep, I feel as if I’m falling into the void and my body (mostly my leg) jerks and I’m back awake! Hooray! No sleep for me!

I don’t do this any more, as far as I know. However, when younger, my mum reported plenty of stories about me sleepwalking. Usually just to the other side of the room, etc. Nothing too bad, but probably a bit creepy.

I used to talk absolute jibberish when first waking up. My friends staying over found it hilarious and my boyfriend still mentions it sometimes. I would think I was awake, my mind would be trying to respond to something, but my mouth didn’t catch on.
So I’d be asked if I wanted a cup of tea and I’d talk about hugging a monkey or something! It went on for years. I wish someone had written things down as I’d forget as soon as I woke up properly and don’t remember any whole stories. I don’t do it very often now.

Lucid Dreams
Have you had these?! They’re dreams in which you know you are dreaming. You’re still asleep, but somehow know. Some people train themselves to do this and control them, and can have fun with it. It just freaks me out as I’m stuck in a dream, can’t control anything happening, but can react to it a bit!

Sleep Paralysis & The Shadow Man!
This is the single most frightening thing that has ever happened in my life. If you haven’t had it, it is when you become unable to move or talk while in a half waking up or falling asleep state. You are essentially paralysed for a few seconds to minutes.

I’ve had it a few times, but I’ll tell you one story so you get what I mean:
I was laying there, half waking up in the middle of the night, when suddenly it seemed like a shadow came into my room. I lived in a shared flat, so thought it was one of my flatmates (not sure why they’d be popping in, in the middle of the night). There was an eerie atmosphere somehow. I tried to turn to look at where the shadow went, but couldn’t move. My eyes were open, but I couldn’t turn them. I was just staring at the wall. My body was completely paralysed, and I could just about see the shadow coming closer, leering over me. I felt some pressure on the bed and myself, and tried to say something, but my mouth was paralysed too and no sound came out. It felt like it lasted minutes, but I can’t be sure. I didn’t know what was going to happen, and then felt myself freeze with fear, but then it seemed to disappear and I was able to move again. It is more horrific than my storytelling skills will allow!
I was so scared. I didn’t dare go back to sleep, not because I thought it was anything, clearly my brain decided to play with me, but the absolute dread of that happening again stopped me. ‘Luckily’ (you’ll see why I used those in a moment) I saw that a friend was online – I was using my phone to entertain me and calm down – so I told him what had happened. We’ve talked about strange sleep things before. He explained it to me: it was a demon. Fabulous! Nope, no sleep for me. Some people do believe that, but I’m far too skeptical to go along with it. However, the spiritual side of me crept through a little and stopped me sleeping.


The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781) is thought to be one of the classic depictions of sleep paralysis perceived as a demonic visitation.

I’ve had it quite a few times, but it isn’t as bad now. I wiggle my toes as soon as I feel paralysed (Kill Bill style!) and it seems to help me get out of it. Not everyone gets a shadow man when they have this, so don’t worry!

So yeah, sleep has never been one of my favourite experiences.
A lot of this is related to sleep deprivation. I might genuinely have a sleeping problem, but have never tried to get a diagnosis.
I do not take any medication, which can also bring about some of the things in the list.

You can read more about my current sleep situation in my previous post Who needs sleep anyway?

I’ve probably missed some things from the list, so if you think of anything else, let me know and I can most likely relate!

Do you suffer from any of these?

I am going to be writing a round up of your funny sleep stories next, so if you have any, whether it be sleep talking or walking or anything else, and you’d like it to be added (can be anon or linked to your blog), let me know. It will be published Monday so any time before then.