Primark Haul – Accessories – September 2015

You just have to love a Primark haul! Some absolute bargains! I don’t care how old I get, or how much money I have, I will always check out what they have on offer!


Here’s some of the things I picked up last week. I obviously bought loads of cute socks too! I will never have too many socks! It’s not loads, I went in looking for a dark brown belt after checking loads of other stores. Got one for £2!

Hair Accessories

Lots of hair accessories! The hairband looks great, and the pins make my boring buns look like an actual style!

Hairband £1 (from £3)

I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to double up the hairband and wear it as a necklace too. I used to do this years ago with a pearl one, and everyone always complimented my ‘necklace’. As long as your hair is down, nobody notices!

£1 well spent!
IMG_2605 (2)
Hairpins £2 for 4
IMG_2629 (2)
Messy hair! Flower Bobble, looks great over a bun, £1.

Everyone is getting these spiral bobbles at the moment. The big brand is Invisibobble, but I got these at 12 for £1! You can see my post on how to use them HERE.

Spiral Bobbles 12 for £1

Makeup Bag

Primark always have good sized make up bags and have loads at the moment, with matching ones in different sizes. This will fit everything in when travelling, and I like the festival kind of look it has too.

Make Up Bag £4


I managed to get my dark brown belt of course.

I also love this belt bag (is that what you call it?) I’ve wanted one for ages (definitely over a year), and never found one I liked, but this is perfect. I’d have to downsize if I was wearing it instead of a bag, but it’s worth it!

Belt Bag £5
Bag is detachable, so can be worn just as belt too.

It’s not a crazy amount, but I did do more shopping that day. Will separate the posts, as I had an accessories binge and think I’ll be overwhelmed if I don’t!

Edit: Here’s the rest of my pretty new finds!

I love every single thing I bought, they were exactly what I needed wanted! I didn’t plan on anything except for a belt if I found one, but we know how it goes!

Are you one for a Primark haul? Picked up any bargains there lately?